A common fix for many problems that occur in BiaB is to use the Return to Factory Settings dialog accessed from the Opt menu. There are two buttons, the top one will return most settings to their factory defaults. The exceptions are MIDI drivers and patch maps. This is useful for problems that don't involve MIDI.
Return to Factory Dlg

Return to Factory Settings dialog

The bottom button will return all settings to their factory defaults including MIDI drivers and patch maps. This is useful when the problems do involve MIDI I/O.

Version 2010Edit

Band in a Box 2010 now allows the user to save custom preferences files. This will make it possible to use the Return to Factory Settings without losing all your personal settings.

Previous VersionsEdit

Your personal settings for things like default style, most recent files, etc. will also be reset. This can be annoying but if it solves your problem it's probably worth it.


Another way to return to default settings, that's especially useful if BiaB won't start, is to rename the file INTRFACE.BBW in your \bb\ folder. If you rename it to ~INTRFACE.BBW BiaB won't find the file and will restore all settings to the factory defaults. If you wish to restore the file it's easy to find it as the ~ will put the file at the top of the files list in explorer.

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