Opening and Playing a BiaB song.Edit

BiaB comes with many excellent demo songs. Let's open and play one. After playing the song once we'll turn off the bass track so that we can play along.

Go to the File menu, click it and select Open from the drop down list. In the File|Open dialog navigate to the c:\bb\ folder. Here you'll see many sub-folders. Navigate to c:\bb\Styles36\ and double click Dance5.MGU.

BiaB will open the song in the chord sheet. The title will appear in the title window and the key and tempo will appear in the info boxes. The song is now ready to play.

Click the large green Play arrow near the screen center. You'll soon hear a count in beat and then the song will start to play. Watch as the cursor moves through the chords during playback. You'll hear a change in style and attack as the cursor passes the colored part markers. This makes the song more interesting and life like.

After the song has finished right-click the radio button that says bass near the top left of the screen. The word bass will turn red. Now click the play button again. The song will start to play again, this time with the bass track muted. Now you can play your bass along with the song. You can turn the bass track on and off any time during or before playback. You can also do the same with any of the tracks.