All versions of Band in a Box have standard installation programs included on the supplied media. The installation package will usually autoplay but in the rare case where it doesn't the program 'Band-in-a-Box Setup.exe' can be run from the Windows explorer. All that is required is to follow the installation prompts.

Care needs to be taken when asked for the various folders in which to install the main program and the RealDrums and RealTracks. If you simply accept the default settings the program will install everything to your default hard drive. Because of the vast amount of data involved in the RealDrums\Tracks you may wish (or need) to store the RealDrums\Tracks on a different drive. Make sure to indicate this location accurately.

It should be noted that if you purchased Band in a Box on the USB HD you can run BiaB directly from the USB HD. In this case the only installation necessary will be the fonts, VSC synth and VST plugins. This is accomplished by choosing the install option to 'run from HD'.


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