All levels of Band in a Box ship with the Guitar Tuner. The tuner is a useful program to allow you to tune your guitar or bass (or any audio input for that matter).

Accessing the TunerEdit

Within Band in a Box you access the Tuner with the menu Window|Guitar Tuner.

BiaB Guitar Tuner

Outside Band in a Box you can run the tuner by navigating to your default \bb\ folder and double clicking on Tuner^.exe. You can also set a shortcut file to Tuner^.exe and leave it on your desktop or in a Start menu folder.

Using the TunerEdit

Before you can use the tuner you need an audio input connected to your PC. Your instrument needs to be connected to this input. It is best to check the input is functioning correctly before attempting to use the tuner.

When the guitar tuner opens you should select either the guitar or bass radio buttons. This choice determines whether the tuner is set for six or four strings. You may also apply a hum filter which might be useful for guitars with single coil pickups.

Play an open string, say the E string. The tuner should display a wave form and the closest note to the strings current tension. There is also a display showing how close the string is to this note in cents. Tune up or down, as appropriate, until the display reads E and is no more than a few cents from perfect E.

Finally, continue untill all your strings are in tune.

Problem When Using ASIOEdit

If you are using ASIO drivers for Band in a Box audio output you may not be able to run the guitar tuner. ASIO drivers generally only allow you to run one program at a time.