Sometimes you just can't find a style that works for a particular song. There are some that are close but nothing that's perfect. It would be nice to combine styles. Well you can. Band in a Box will let you create a hybrid style from different existing styles.

Identify the PossibilitiesEdit

You need to find the style that has the drum pattern you are after, then the bass lines you want etc. Make a note of these styles for later use.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't generally mix swing and straight styles neither should you mix up time sigs. BiaB will let you do this but it won't sound good. Some styles use predominantly 8th notes, others 16ths. Try to keep the styles you choose the same although it is possible to get a decent sounding arrangement by mixing these.

Make a HybridEdit

Hybrid Style Dlg

Hybrid Style Maker

Now you want to open the hybrid style dialog. Here you need to specify a name for your new style. You only have 8 letters so you'll need to be inventive.

Next you use the style picker to select which style you want each instrument to come from. Perhaps you will take the drums from ZZLITROK.STY and all others from ROKTRIO.STY. Anyway, no matter where you get them, when you have finished you save the new style in the BB folder. You can leave instruments blank if you don't want them all. In other words, a style doesn't need to have all five instruments.

Use the New StyleEdit

The final step is to apply your new style to the song. Here you have to use the Open File button in the style picker and select the *.STY file manually (Unless you incorporate it into the style picker. That's another topic though).

Contributed Edit - Note that there is an alternate way to hybridize a style. It can be done in the stylemaker. And using that tool has the advantage of permitting import of patterns from any instrument in one style to any instrument in another (bass & drums excluded; Build 287.) Quick route: open stylemaker, press Alt-F3. Downside: you need to know in advance the style from which you want to import, since all you get after indicating the source and target instrument types is the file open dialog.


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