Generate chords for a melody, or an improved chord progression for a melody, with the "Reharmonist" feature. This feature generates a chord progression in the chosen genre, based only on the melody.


The idea of the Reharmonist is to generate a completely new chord progression for a melody, in a genre that you choose (Jazz, Country, etc.). This ignores any existing chords in the song.

Generate a New ProgressionEdit

Reharmonist Dlg

Reharmonist Dialog

To generate an entirely new chord progression for a complete song or a portion of a song press the Reharmonist button (or menu option Window|Auto-Generate Chord Reharmonization).

You will then see the Select Re-Harmonist dialog.

The first thing you should do is set the "Genre" for the reharmonization. For example, if you want "Jazz Swing" genre, choose that in the genre drop down.

Verify that the key is correct. Band-in-a-Box analyzes the melody, and gives its best guess as to the best key for the song. If it is different than the current key, Band-in-a-Box will suggest the new key, and you can press the button to set the key to the new key.

Set the region of the song that you want reharmonized. Usually this will be the "Whole Song." Press [OK-Reharmonize]. You’ll now get a brand new chord progression for the melody.[1]

Melody from MIDIEdit

The melody you use to reharmonize can come from a number of sources. You could have played it into the melody from a keyboard or other MIDI instrument. Band in a Box might have generated it for you. Or you could import the melody from a MIDI file.

In the latter case you would probably need to remove most of the midi tracks such as bass and drums. Basically you want to go to Edit|Copy/Move Tracks and move, or delete, all the tracks except your melody. Then follow the instructions above.


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