Band in a Box is a software program produced by PGMusic of Victoria, BC. It is billed as auto accompaniment software, that is, computer generated backing tracks for musicians to play along with. In reality, Band in a Box does much more than provide accompaniment. It is very useful to songwriters who wish to quickly hear their ideas. It is also very educational for those who wish to study musical styles and composition.

What is Band in a Box

BiaB Main Screen

BiaB Main Screen

Band-in-a-Box can create a background for almost any chord progression used in almost any music. It can then play that song back using one of thousands of different background styles. In addition to playing back the users' songs with built in, additional, or aftermarket styles, users can edit these or create their own styles from scratch or from existing MIDI files.

Users can play the songs back and vary the key and/or the song's tempo independently or even change the number of times any section of the song repeats. Each song will have up to 5 main tracks (bass, piano, drums, guitar, strings). Each track can have a different 'voice' and can be muted or soloed. They can also have limited EQ and FX applied.

There are also Melodist and Soloist tracks. These tracks allow users to choose instruments and specify almost all details, Band-in-a-Box will create these tracks based on the users selections. The Melodist and Soloist tracks can be edited note by note in the Notation window.

Band in a Box is a great auto accompaniment program for musicians who need accompaniment and don't have access to other musicians. Band in a Box is also useful for song writers who want to quickly hear their ideas.

Example of Band in a Box Music

Here is an example of the music created by Band in a Box. The song was initially generated by BiaB 2009.5. It is intended to sound like a live jam session. The song uses RealDrums and RealTracks. The bass is a live recording. The crowd sounds are recorded. The final mix was done in an external program (RealBand from PGMusic).
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